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We will walk you through the process of incorporation, licensing, and familiarize you with local, state and national income tax and reporting compliance issues, as well as, assist you in your accounting, financial reporting, banking, and software integration, as applicable.

Consultation and Compliance for International Clients
a. Tax planning and guidance for US business start-ups
b. LLC formation and guidance for non resident alien foreign partners
c. Taxation and withholding of foreign partners and non resident aliens
d. Foreign Tax Credit and Foreign exclusion issues
e. Taxation of US citizens living abroad 
f.  Application for Withholding Certificate and IRS refund for Sale of Real Property
g. Filing of non resident tax return with request for refund
h. Entity formation issues and planning for foreign investors
i.  IRS Acceptance Agent Services

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​"Mr. Kessler is a very devoted and straight forward individual. He has been there for us with help and advice, and has offered alternatives for us, for over 15 years now. We are very satisfied and pleased with his work"
Ora Tamir

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