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We will walk you through the process of incorporation, licensing, and familiarize you with local, state and national income tax and reporting compliance issues, as well as, assist you in your accounting, financial reporting, banking, and software integration, as applicable.

Profit and loss statement/income statement

A necessary report that businesses in Fort Lauderdale needs to have is the profit and loss statement or also known as income statement. This type of report contains how much income the business generates. An expertly-managed bookkeeping operation has information for where your income comes and where you spend it. Businesses should separate their accounts for their spending and income categories. A cpa or tax firm in the Fort Lauderdale area can easily handle that.

Entrepreneurs in Fort Lauderdale should also have a cpa examine this report every month. This will help a cpa or experienced tax professional inspect trends, compare present results to a similar period, and compare the latest month with the previous months. A Fort Lauderdale CPA, this will tell you what’s accepted in the industry and what’s not, helping you direct your efforts on the most profitable aspects of the business.  

Balance sheet

A balance sheet will give you a clear view of what a company owes over a fixed period. For companies in the Fort Lauderdale area, assets usually range from accounts receivables, bank accounts, and investment account. Moreover, a balance sheet might also contain assets such as equipment, computers, property, and any other saleable intangible and physical property. In terms of liabilities, it revolves around things such as business loans, credit cards, and anything else your small business needs to pay.

Take note that the cpa in Fort Lauderdale is dependent on your balance sheet. This means that when you combine assets and liabilities, you get equity. It is such a critical component of a business; that’s why it is vital to lean on an accounting firm. This way, it would be easier to achieve a positive number when you subtract what you have from what you owe. 

Accounts receivable aging

Business owners in Lauderdale, Florida, believe that their business is not a charity, and no one is working for free. Managing the work and delivering an invoice is all part of the process. You also need to ensure that those payments are made and recorded. Your receivable (A/R) aging report updates the Fort Lauderdale CPA of your performance before in the collection aspect of your business. The Fort Lauderdale CPA reviews clients who are consistently late, on-time, and just begun paying late, as well as increasing late fees for clients. 

Revenue by clients

Since your Fort CPA will review those who owe you money, you also need to figure out who provides you the greatest. Your income by client report will tell you how much money you made from every client over a specific time. Professional service business and freelances in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, depend heavily on repeat business in different industries. Creating healthy relationships with great clients can result in a lucrative, trustworthy, and quality income stream. 

Accounts payable aging

Fort Lauderdale business owners know the struggle of not seeing income for an extended time. If a company took way too long to pay you back, this wouldn’t look good on business. Concerning this, you also need to pay your vendors on time. Through your A/P aging report, you’ll be able to tell who you need to pay and how much. Lauderdale CPA has payroll services that let you review and find who you specifically have to pay, preventing any missed payments. 

 Tips for Businessmen and Freelancers in Fort Lauderdale

If you are a striving business owner or freelancer in Fort Lauderdale, here are some useful tips from a CPA that can help you boost your income and excel in your chosen industry.

1. Smartly increase your income

Whether you are involved in the real estate business or you are a freelance worker in Fort Lauderdale, one of your main priorities should be finding high-quality clients that would give you the most revenue. Though the business industry is challenging, you can follow the method of “laddering up” your clients where you place the latest high-quality clients on top and let go of low-paying ones. This method works remarkably in theory, and many businesses and freelancers understand this concept.

However, why do they still struggle with having low-quality clients? This is because they don’t examine the figures. Instead, they focus on acquiring better customers and getting rid of inferior ones. With the help of an accounting firm, and an experienced CPA, laddering up your clients would be much more comfortable. You will also never worry about tax payments and filing because the CPA will handle that for you as well.

2. Let go of underperforming services and products

With no detailed accounting records of tax, income, payments and others, you won’t be able to show the revenue that you earn from your products or services. Take note that no matter what business you are venturing, a solo freelancer or real estate businessman, having these tax records is essential. When you have the appropriate information in hand, it would be easier for you to identify the specific product that takes up too much of your time and effort for such a low amount of money.

You can also pick out expensive repeating tasks that you can eliminate or outsource. Working with no data is like sailing without a map. Put an end to this enormous mistake now and get your accounting books ready – don’t forget to update them at least once a month to help you come up with the wisest management decisions. 

3. Save money and time at tax time

If eliminating costs and increasing revenues aren’t enough to motivate you to update your books, here’s one last option you can lean on: your tax. If you have a business in Fort Lauderdale, you will have charges, which means that you will deal with tax returns, tax planning, and other tax accounting procedures.

All of these tax related tasks are stressful to do, and if you can handle them while also managing a business, then kudos to you! It’s also unavoidable that business owners and freelancers in Fort Lauderdale may not keep up with all of these. Accounting firms offer accounting services in Olas Blvd and they do specialize in tax filings and keeping your tax records straight.

They will manage and keep your books updated every month. You will also never wonder if you are paying the right tax for your company or your business tax. With this, it would be easier for you to decide whether you will pay tax quarterly, annually, or any other tax payment schedule. However, the best time to pay your tax is quarterly if you want to save more money. 

4. Ask help from professionals for your accounting needs

In case you find bookkeeping and accounting too challenging, there are professionals with lots of experience in such aspects that could help you out. One example is your local accounting firm. Professionals in the Olas BLvd area or a CPA firm will help you with any questions regarding tax planning, tax returns, accounting tax, and other accounting services that concern your business.

Though you can always do things on your own, it’s nice to have someone you can entrust to do all of these things for you and your business. Relying on an accounting firm will help you have more time for your company so you can focus on growing, expanding, and improving it. There are a lot of local accounting firms that offer cost-effective and reliable accounting services in Fort Lauderdale. 

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