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Upon mentioning accountants St. Petersburg, what typically comes into your mind? Many people would picture a busy professional that tirelessly managed the tax claims of their clients. Accounting and tax all relate to accountants, but did you know that there are numerous kinds of accountants? And most of them don’t merely handle tax services for individuals and business tax.

So if you are one of those business owners who love the concept of working with works but hate the idea of tax preparation, you’re fortunate! Here are the different kinds of accountants that you should know of – and watch out since you might find your future job listed below.

1. CPA: Certified Public Accountant in Petersburg FL 33710

Certified Public Accountants (CPA) are the higher-tiered accountants that are well-known as experts in a specific organization’s financial standing, taxes, and accounting records. Though some areas of their job don’t tackle taxes, their role is more comprehensive than merely handling taxes.

The primary function of CPA in St. Petersburg, Fl is to be a reliable advisor for their clients and help them design and achieve financial goals, while also managing other fiscal matters. These include reviews and audits, litigation and consulting services, and forensic accounting. They can offer business advice as well as business strategies to help the companies move forward.

2. Forensic accountant in Petersburg FL 33710

Forensic accountants in Saint Petersburg Fl are considered as the detectives of an accounting firm. These experts offer help in dissecting financial records to make sure they are aligned with laws and standards. Forensic accounts in St. Petersburg Fl are hired because they are experts in strategies that are used to uncloak outright fraud, non payment of tax, omissions, and errors. Forensic reports should have a distinct set of skills that combines the intelligence of a “numbers person” and the nosiness of an investigator. Usually, they work in litigation support for a business or investigation in St. Petersburg, Florida.

3. Auditor in Saint Petersburg FL

St. Petersburg Fl auditors are considered as the accuracy experts in an accounting firm. There are a lot of business organizations that range from non-profits to commercial business in Fl that are required to carry out an annual tax audit to make sure that records are accurate. Commonly, auditors in Florida are assigned from an outside portal of an organization to evaluate figures without any preconceived bias. Generally, these accounting experts are in charge of inspecting financial assets, counting systems, tax declarations, tax payments, and account books. They can also manage and keep fiscal records and excise commercial operations to render suggestions and strategies for improvement.

4. Management accountant in Saint Petersburg FL

When designing vital strategic decisions, business owners must know the complete condition of the financial health of an organization and how it could be improved. This essential information is assigned to be rendered by a management account so that business owners can make intelligent decisions before the future of the company. Management accounts of a specific firm also handle budgeting and preparation services, risk management, external financial reporting, profitability analysis, and other related accounting services.

5. Cost accountant in Saint Petersburg FL

No matter what type of company it is, business owners always find ways on how they could enhance their operations to save more money. Cost accountants are responsible for this business aspect. They are tasked with evaluating each expense that is linked to the supply chain of the company to give budget preparation and profitability analysis. Saint Petersburg Fl cost accounts examine each cost that is related to production, materials, labor, administration, shipping, and more. This information will help determine ways on how to upgrade the financial efficiency of a company.

6. Government accountant in Saint Petersburg FL

The government has different portals. Aside from the federal government, you also have city, country, state, and numerous kinds of the district government. But what binds all of them together is they need the expertise offered by accountants to monitor their funds. Government accountant in Saint Petersburg Fl has the responsibility to ensure that the money of a hard-earned taxpayer is spent wisely and adequately. Apart from this, they also assist government agencies in organizing their activities and tasks for a fiscal year.

7. Project accountant in Saint Petersburg FL

Typically, a project accountant in Fl is someone who is assigned on different projects. This expert operates all areas of a project that can impact that general expenses, such as collecting and designing invoices, verifying employees’ billable hours, approving expenditures, making sure the crew is meeting project deadlines, and maintaining plus planning budgets. A project account in a firm can work on different things, everything from the building of a brand new facility or introducing a new product. St. Petersburg Fl project accounts usually go hand in hand with project managers and other expert colleagues, which means that they require to have powerful interpersonal and communication skills.

8. Investment accountant in Saint Petersburg FL

The investment accountant is someone who is assigned in the hassling field of investment and finance. They usually work for asset and brokerage management firm. An investment accountant is well-versed about precious metals, bonds, currencies, stocks, ETFs, and even investment vehicles. The primary duty of a Petersburg Fl investment accountant is to stabilize the investment of their client while still following the state regulations. Apart from this, these experts can also help design an effective Petersburg FL firm strategy.

9. Staff accountant at St Petersburg FL

The staff accountant is hailed as one of the most prevalent job titles in the industry. They are considered as the generalists in the world of accounting. The staff accountant has wide-ranging talents, especially business planning and tax preparation, and skills that could help business owners in Saint Petersburg Fl and their company. Generally, they are experts in preparation services and other accounting services.

Specifically, they maintain the subsidiary and general account of businesses and clients, make financial statements, keep payroll records, carry out account reconciliations, supervise clerical employees, and perform cash management. Technically, a staff accountant who is assigned at small businesses tend to handle more bookkeeping tasks than just tax preparation and tax filing. On the other hand, those who are employed at more prominent businesses in Saint Petersburg Fl are attached to supervising duties. These particular job duties significantly differ according to the position of the staff account and the nature of the business offer.


With a little research, you’ll find a reliable and professional accountant of any type around Saint Petersburg Fl and the Petersburg Fl 33710 zip code. Most of them are capable of rendering accounting and tax services for individuals or companies. They can also do your tax preparation and other business dealings. This will surely help businesses that want to set up shop in Florida, particularly the St Petersburg FL area.

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